Steven Alan Green

The Eternal Search for Wi-fi

If you’re like me, good Wi-Fi is a must these days.

In this blog, writer/comedian Steven Alan Green has the password to good writing: Wi-Fi.

As a writer Wi-Fi is essential.

I spend at least 5 hours a day at the laptop.  I write blogs and screenplays.  Like any worker out there, I like to have the best working conditions.  Those conditions include having good Wi-Fi.  I don’t like to write at home. Never have.  I like to be out around people.  Coffee houses are the best for me.

Wi-Fi and Coffee

I’m a creature of habit.  I know who I am and what I like.  In order for me to be completely happy and ready to write, I need to have conditions just right. Good coffee is a must. A decent place to park, where I don’t have to keep worrying about the meter.  And great Wi-Fi.  There are plenty of great coffee houses in LA.  My experience dictates that it’s very hard to find one with all three elements.  Coffee, easy parking, and free Wi-Fi.

I’m not the only writer out there

Obviously I’m not the only writer who likes to write in public.  Writing in public makes me feel like I’m part of some imaginary writing office.  I’m usually seated next to other writers.  We’re all typing away with our magical fingers. We all want that big Hollywood deal.  I might be sitting there writing a comedy and the guy next to me is writing a drama.  You can almost tell what others are writing by the way they dress.

Casual fashion usually means comedy

Ten to one the guy sitting there tapping away and wearing a T-shirt and jeans is writing a comedy.  The girl sitting nearby and wearing a buttoned up sweater is writing a drama.   Me?  I’m wearing a black leather biker jacket, a shark’s tooth around my neck and black ladies tights.  Don’t judge.  An important part of writing is research.  Need Wi-Fi for that.

Some coffee houses Wi-Fi sucks

It’s hard to find all the correct working conditions you want.  The first point of call is good free parking.  That’s tough in LA.  Sometimes there will be a lot, but they usually only validate for an hour.  Street parking can be like jumping up to feed the meter on the hour and that is annoying.   Great uninterrupted Wi-Fi is key and sometimes there are too many writers all working on the same signal.  Can slow things down a bit, which can be a real creative drag.

We all want the same thing

Everybody out here is reaching for the brass ring.  Their imaginations are on fire and fueled by a double espresso over ice.  It’s really rather inspiring because none of us know who will be the eventual winner.  In order to find out, you’ll have to Google it one day on Wi-Fi.

Find a good coffee house in LA with Wi-Fi

For The Hollywood Dog this is Steven Alan Green 4/17/17 

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