Learn Stand Up Comedy

Is Stand up Comedy hard to learn?

Have you ever gone to experience stand up comedy and thought “I can do that?”.  Do you work or socialize with a large group of people and want to learn how to take the reins at get togethers? Does Dante Rusciolellithe idea of being able to make anyone or any group laugh, appeal to you? Stand up comedy is a bit more than telling jokes. Learning the back story at a comedy show is a lot easier if you know who the players are and their roles. You can learn the right way to start off and look like a pro your first time onstage.

Dante is a road comic that travels over half the year, living in hotels, flying over seas to play for our troupes. When he’s here in Los Angeles he’s behind the camera, acting and he also gives stand up lessons.   The people that study stand up with Dante the Comic  over the last 12 years have included actors that want better stage presence on set, radio personalities that want to write better jokes and be funnier, rappers that want to learn how to roast people, young people that want more confidence, musicians that want to learn audience participation, and many many regular folks that want to have fun and make money as a comic.

Five-Week Stand-Up Comedy Course Includes;

  • Learn to use the mike and stand
  • How to access and address the audience
  • Joke writing
  • Set development, call backs, continuity
  • Working out on stage in real shows
  • Meet and train with guest top comics
  • Improv techniques
  • Networking and getting booked
  • Marketing and demo reels


Dante Rusciolelli


CEO/Personal Manager
Hollywood, CA



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