What made Robin Williams so miserable he took his life

What Made Robin Williams So Miserable He Took His Life? 

By: Lindsey Hitt

Many comedians and even entertainers suffer from suicidal thoughts. Suicide is a human condition and does not escape the ordinary individual either.

With thorough observation there is one aspect of this situation that is troubling. Factors that are not really considered in the aftermath of someone taking their own life. This tough topic that is mildly depressing means taking a look at our closest allies. Friends and family are a part of our life to give us a sense of unity, love, respect and encouragement. Close friends and family are meant to ground us and make us feel safe and wanted. Accounts of suicide examined a little closer may find that there was trouble in these structures prior to the life ending event. So the reason that this is not taken a look at after death is that those are the ones left behind, close family and friends.

Accountability is hard to come by believe it or not and denial and ignorance plentiful. No one wants to accept responsibility for influencing someone to despise their life and person. So much so they even consider ending it all, let alone actually completely that desperate, lonely mission. This is so important to write about and to read about. Not just for those that suffer from suicidal thoughts. For those that have loved ones that may be in that kind of state and circumstance. Society has engineered what it believes to be stability through that good ol’ 9-5er. With the thousands of tax dollars that seep out automatically, oh but the healthy benefits and 401K… So when someone wants to teeter professionally outside of the lines of the 9-5 there is often an uproar by those that surround them. This is a fascinating observation and while l reserve the understanding that these are generalizations, it is a very common occurrence.

Think of the artists that have been so often told they are “crazy.” The dreamers who sought the truth when contradiction is apparent in hindsight. To the talent, they see an outlet for their gift, their passion and their creativity. It’s not an easy road but fighting for your gift rather than money is a very important leap of faith. My brother Mike likes to say, “passion before profit” and sadly many people don’t understand this phrase. Another great word combo that comes to thought is “love is blind” and seeing in the dark is not easy because if human physical limitations. Putting faith into the process and the pursuit of passion and listening less to the fears of those around us may very well be the key to freeing a heavy heart. There are plenty of studies that show the wisdom of the heart being more powerful than that of the mind. When those we love aren’t happy with our decisions we feel the need to change and to please others and that never works.

Take a look at your surroundings. Allow your heart to let you know if you are happy. Does something inside of you whisper negative thoughts and heavy vibrations? The best thing for everyone is for you to walk away. If you cannot manage to do that, make a plan. Move to a new city, start a savings account, sit down for an hour every night and write down all of the things that make you happy. Investigate your person by taking an internal deep dive and cultivate an outcome of elation. When you look outside yourself and see sadness or feel depression move away from those things. Write down what offers you discontent even if just to identify the obstacles and expose the contrast. These small task could mean the difference between life and death. Ultimately, we need to pursue our truest desires and along that path “the ones that mind don’t matter and that ones that matter don’t mind.”

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